Wighton Cello

Andrew Wighton was active in instrument construction and/or repair, as well as his collecting activities. The above illustration is displayed in the Wighton Centre in Dundee, and shows a cello in private ownership in England, which bears Andrew Wighton’s printed label. The label has Wighton’s crest, and the printed lettering reads “A J Wighton, Grocer, Tea Wine and Spirit Merchant, Hilltown, Dundee” Wighton has hand-written the date “5th [illegible] 1845”. The end of the cello is also stamped in the wood “A J Wighton Dundee”.

Another cello is also in private ownership in England. This cello also bears Wighton’s printed label, with his crest, and the handwritten date “1846”. Also in Wighton’s handwriting is the following: “This violincello breast was fixed on [or affixed?] by A J Wighton, Dundee”.


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