The Wighton Centre is home to a fine French style harpsichord, which is used for concerts as well as being available for study and teaching.

Candudelish, published by Lee, Dublin in the late 18th century, as preserved in the Wighton Collection. (Wighton 10434). Performed on the Wighton Harpsichord by visiting American early keyboard specialist Henry Lebedinsky, 16th October 2010.

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The instrument

The Wighton Harpsichord is a French double-manual instrument after the C18 maker Nicholas Blanchet. It was built by Mark Stevenson, Cambridge 1983.

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Technical details :
Registers 2 x 8′ and 1 x 4′


with buff to 2nd 8′

  shove coupler
Compass FF – f3
Pitch transposing from A415Hz to A440Hz
Dimensions 2.36m x 0.91m


(93” x 36”)

Accessing the Wighton Harpsichord

The Wighton Harpsichord is kept in the Wighton Heritage centre in Dundee, Scotland. It is accessible to all for the purposes of personal study, teaching and recitals. Enquiries to: secretary@friendsofwighton.com