Wighton Collection Catalogue

Andrew J Wighton (1804-1866) was a merchant in Dundee. He built a music collection which is now of international renown and importance. After his death, his Trustees donated the music to the then Free Library in Dundee

Complete details of the Music in the collection is available in searchable “pdf-files” which can be accessed and downloaded using the links below.

All of the collection items are gathered together in bound volumes, most containing several separate publications or manuscripts. In addition to the full catalogue, there are shorter versions ordered by Imprint (publisher/location), title of the volume and a shorter volume title list.

There are a number of other music collections held at the Wighton Centre, including the personal historic music collection of the late Sir Jimmy Shand. Much in the published music in the Shand Collection is readily accessible in other music resources on-line but we have made digitised copies of the rare and unique items. These can be found under the “digitised books” heading through the “Resources” tab on our main website page.

Queries about viewing items in the collection or obtaining photo-copies of individual tunes should be made to:

Local History Centre, Central Library, The Wellgate, Dundee DD1 1DB
Tel: 01382 431550 Email: local.history@leisureandculturedundee.com

Wighton Complete Catalogue (451 pages)
Wighton list of Imprints (135 pages)
Wighton Title Index (109 pages)
Wighton Short Title List (108 pages)