The Friends are based in the Wighton Centre, upstairs in Dundee Central Library. The centre is administered on a daily basis by the Library staff, part of Leisure & Culture Dundee.

The Friends run events in the Centre, and also look after the harpsichord that is kept there. The Friends also work on cataloguing the collection, and maintining the online database which lists all the books in the Wighton Collection, including complete tune lists for most of them.

The Wighton Collection proper is a “closed collection”, in that it is complete and was donated to the City after Andrew Wighton’s death. But people offer books for sale or by donation, and so The Friends of Wighton has also been acquiring rare early editions of Scottish music books. Most notable is the collection of 18th and 19th century books owned by the late Sir Jimmy Shand, some of which were purchased by the Friends at auction, and some of which were given by the family as a gift to the Friends. The Friends of Wighton has been having the books conserved, restored, catalogued and digitised.