Saturday 20 July 2024, 11 a.m Cappuccino Concert with sisters Sally Garden & Alison Hart

Songs and Springs from Scotland and Scandinavia

Another important part of the Wighton story, singer and musicologist Sally Garden was our inaugural Historical Musician in Residence and we are delighted to welcome her, accompanied by her sister Alison Hart, for  what promises to be a fascinating programme.

Dr Sally Garden is a Scottish mezzo-soprano and musicologist performing, writing and occasionally composing under the banner Mons Graupius (a playful borrowing from Tacitus!). Fired by her passion for discovering and exploring the hidden stories of Scotland’s music, and fascinated by the links and connections between her native culture and the wider world, especially the Nordic world, she has sought out and cultivated a unique repertoire of Scottish and Scandinavian art song, much of it rare and uncharted, and made it her own.

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