Members of Friockheim Historical Society visited the Wighton Heritage Centre in the evening of Wednesday 3rd June.

Friends of Wighton Secretary, Simon Chadwick, gave them a tour of the collections. The Friockheim visitors had a chance to look at old Scottish music books from the collection, including famous rare volumes such as James Oswald’s Caledonian Pocket Companion, and the Scots Musical Museum containing the original settings of many Burns songs.

Of special interest were the two Duff Collections, published in Montrose and Aberdeen in around 1800.

As well as looking at old books, musical entertainment was provided. Friends Chair, Gordon Penman, played music from the Duff collection, using a fiddle made by Montrose instrument maker James Young in the early 19th century, and Simon Chadwick played historical clarsach music from a very rare collection of Carolan’s Irish tunes.

The event was a great success. The Friends of Wighton would like to offer other local Historical Societies and other interested groups the chance to visit the Wighton Centre. For more info, contact the Friends on 07792 336804 or email

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