Photo of Diversimode in performance at the Maryatt Hall, 21/07/07

On Saturday 21st July 2007, the Friends of Wighton are hosting a Cappuccino Concert at the Maryatt Hall, Dundee. Come along on Saturday morning, have a cup of coffee, read the morning papers and be delighted and inspired by ravcishing baroque ensemble music!

This month’s performers are the early music ensemble Diversimode – four young professional musicians with a common passion for music of the Baroque. The name translates as “in various ways”, reflecting the diversity of their musical interests.

Ceridwen Heaney plays ‘natural’ trumpet (i.e. without valves); Catherine Strachan plays baroque cello; Allan Wright plays harpsichord and Louise Eekelaar sings. Their instruments are all ‘baroque instruments’, which though looking superficially similar to a modern trumpet, cello and piano, produce a much more delicate, alive sound that is perfect for playing 18th century music.

The programme is titled ‘Why should I be sad on my wedding day’ and will compare and contrast English and Scottish music from around the time of the Act of Union in 1707 – three hundred years ago. Classical compositions by Handel, Carissimi and Geminiani sit alongside traditional Scots tunes and variations by Bremner.

The Friends of Wighton are delighted to host this unusual concert, as much of the repertory is preserved in the old Scottish music books in the Wighton Collection in Dundee Central Library. Brought together in the 1850s by Dundee merchant Andrew Wighton, the collection of over 700 old books was bequeathed to the city after his death and is now kept in a beautiful purpose-built space in the Wellgate library.

Admission is £4 which includes Coffee and newspapers served from 10.30am; the music starts at 11am. Tickets should be purchased from the Caird Hall box Office.

Friends of Wighton:
Caird Hall box Office: 01382 434030,

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