This month’s talk is an unusual opportunity to find out about how fiddles are made, and to hear locally-made instruments being played.

David Vernon is an experienced maker of violins as well as violas, cellos and classical guitars. He started working in Manchester but moved to Angus 18 years ago, leaving his violin business to spend more time making instruments.

David will talk about the art of the violin maker, and will bring several partly-built instruments to show how they are constructed. Some of his fiddles will also be demonstrated by Gordon Penman.

The Wighton Centre in Dundee Central Library holds the collection of old Scottish music books bequeathed to the City by Dundee merchant Andrew Wighton in the 19th century. The collection includes much fine old fiddle music from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Admission to the talk will be £5, or £3 for members of “Friends of Wighton”. It is on Saturday 17th March 2007 at 2pm in the Wighton Centre, Dundee Central Library

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