Gaelic Singer Anne Lorne Gillies’s presentation on Saturday afternoon in the Steps Theater, Dundee, was a great success. Ann spoke and sang for an hour and a half, delighting the audience with her huge repertory of songs and her personal reminiscences of the great singers she learned them from. She spoke at length about the different types of Gaelic song, and the different places and times when they were sung, illustrating every other sentence with a verse or a few lines of powerful, beautiful singing. She also showed some very interesting photographs from her personal collection and from the Shaw Smith collection on Canna.

After the presentation was over there was an enthusiastic queue to buy copies of her book “Songs of Gaelic Scotland”, which Ann was happy to sign and discuss with each person.

The Friends of Wighton would like to thank Ann for a wonderful presentation, and also many thanks to Kevin Bree and David Kett for their work setting up in the theater.

There will be another Saturday Talk next month, 2pm on 17th February. And the Wighton Lunchtime Concert on Wednesday 7th February at 1.15pm will be given by the singer Barbara Dymock.

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